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We know how important it is that everything is right on your wedding day, and we are happy to offer advice and answer questions. Do phone, fax or email for personal advice on the best corset for your special outfit.

We have fitted hundreds of brides, and so can pass on some good advice that applies to everyone:

Planning Your Outfit
Choose your style well in advance, making sure that it works with your whole outfit. Before ordering a corset, get accurate measurements for your bust, waist and hips.

A corset will reduce your waist, but be realistic about how tightly you want to be laced in and don’t forget that you will be wearing your outfit all day. A corset can be very comfortable, even supportive, but do not lace very tightly and practice a few times so you get used to it.

Axfords Bridal Corset C420
Which style ?
If you are wearing your corset as underwear, it is probably best to go for a simple, undecorated style such as C415, C110 or C115, or if you want something more ornate, that still won’t show through, a lace over satin option such as C112 or C118. If you would like a lacy decorated corset for the wedding night. C120 or C140 are good options.

If you want to wear your corset as outerwear, underbust corsets look striking worn over a dress as a waist cincher and your guests can admire the back lacing during the ceremony.

Make sure you try everything on together. Check the neckline and back of your outfit; you don’t want underwear showing. If your dress is low backed, C420 might be a good choice. Will you be wearing stockings or tights? If stockings, you’ll need suspenders to hold them up, and to decide how many. Check if the corset comes with suspenders and if you want more added.
To avoid last minute panics, allow at least 8 weeks for ordering, trying on and possible exchange to get the fitting right, although we usually send out orders within 2 working days of receiving payment.