Underbust Corset

The inside-out corset!
Bold stripes cover the steel boning
on the outside of the corset

Corset Sizes: 18-32" / 46-86cm
Front Length: 11" / 28cm

Axfords Underbust Corset C235

The C235 corset comes in 8 sizes: 18”/46cm; 20”/51cm; 22”/56 cm; 24”/61cm; 26”/66cm; 28”/71cm; 30”/76cm; 32”/81cm;

Corsets are supplied smaller than your natural waist measurement.

Getting the right size corset is quite complicated and it is best to leave us to choose this for you. We ask you to give your real, uncorsetted measurements (in inches or centimetres.) We will then select the right size for you.

If you want to order a specific corset size, please use the message box at the end of the online ordering process.

The C235 corset comes without suspenders, but you can add up to 10 strong elastic suspenders, with metal fastenings.

Axfords Underbust Corset C235

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White & Black
Bright Red & Black Satin
Soft Peach & Black Satin
Deep Purple & Black Satin
Candy Pink & Black Satin